Medium comb with pearl flowers, Maquis crystal and pearl sprigs.


Available in color shown.


Dimensions: 2.5" W x 4.5" L




How it works ...


When ordering 4 or more of the same item, in any color combination, a discounted price will be applied to each item. The quantity selected will determine the discount.


For example, if the original price of an item is $56, when you order 1 to 3 pieces the price would remain at $56 each. If you were to order 4 to 7 pieces of the same item then your price would drop to $46 each. And if you order 8 or more pieces of the same item, your cost would be $40 each. Please note, the discounted pricing varies and is based off the original price.


In regards to quantities of different color options, the price is still determined by the total quantity of the item you're ordering. The pricing can include any color combination available for that item.


Example (using the prices from the previous example):

- 1 silver + 2 gold = 3 total pieces. Pricing would be $56 each.

- 2 gold + 4 silver = 6 total pieces. Pricing would be $46 each.

- 4 gold + 4 silver = 8 total pieces. Pricing would be $40 each.

J5042 Holiday

Bulk Quantities


    1. Select color choice, if available.


    If ordering multiple colors you'll need to add the first color option to your cart before selecting the other(s).


    2. Select "Bulk Quantity" (1-3, 4-7 or 8+)


    If ordering multiple colors select the "Bulk Quantity" that reflects the total number of pieces you're ordering... Example: 2 gold + 2 silver = 4 TOTAL pieces. You would select "Quantity: 4-7." Select this for the "gold" order and also for the "silver" order to receive the correct pricing per item.


    3. Enter quantity.


    If ordering multiple colors, enter in the number of pieces needed for that particular color.


    ** When ordering in bulk, the discount(s) will show in your cart. **


    PLEASE NOTE: We are adopting the honor system. We hope you will as well. Please only apply the discount ("Bulk Quantity") that correlates with your total quantity for that particular item.


    If we see that a higher discount has been applied to a lower quantity order we reserve the right to either cancel the order or charge you for the remaining balance.


    However, on the other side of the coin, if we see that either no discount or a low discount has been applied to a high quantity order then we will be happy to refund the required amount.





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